About Us 

A consulting company with a unique positioning at the crossroads of research, market and industry.

Some History

Becquerel Institute was founded in 2014 and is named after Mr Edmond Alexandre Becquerel. 

In 1839, Becquerel created the world's first photovoltaic cell. In this experiment silver chloride was placed in an acidic solution and illuminated while connected to platinum electrodes, generating voltage and current. Today the “Becquerel Effect” is better known as the “photovoltaic effect”.

200 years later, PV covers more than 6% of the world electricity demand, a number expected to rise faster in the coming years and decades.​

Our Founders

The Becquerel Institute was founded in 2014 by Gaëtan Masson (picture) and Adel El Gammal, two well-known experts involved in PV development for years, who shifted from the financial sector.

The Becquerel Institute combines the strength of a consulting company and a dedicated research centre focusing on the ecosystem of solar photovoltaics.

Today the company is composed of a young and dynamic team and is active worldwide, with partners and customers on 4 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa and Americas). 

Find Out More About Our Values​


We are paving the way to a solar-led energy revolution which will be the cornerstone of the change towards a sustainable and equitable society.


We strongly believe that the energy revolution needs innovation, but not only on technical aspects: we must give a chance to new business practices and to pioneer minds.

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Satisfaction of our clients is our best advertisement. We guarantee our customers the highest quality work and a total commitment to the achievement of the defined objectives.

Becquerel Institute's Team 

Gaëtan Masson

CEO & Founder

Philippe Macé

COO & Partner

José M. Vega de Seoane Lopez

Managing Partner Spain

Caroline Plaza

Managing Partner France

Mélodie de l'Epine

Head of Research & Innovation

Paula Sánchez-Friera

Principal Analyst

Elina Bosch

Senior Analyst

Adrien Van Rechem


André Penas


Julien Van Overstraeten

Junior Analyst

Ian Paul Kenchington

Junior Analyst

Damien Gautier 

Junior Analyst

Akhildev Pillai

Junior Analyst

Anna Bargues

Junior Analyst

Tatiana Eyra Herrera

Intern Analyst

Juan Ignacio Martinez

Intern Analyst

Deborah Parmentier 

Office Manager

Anne-Catherine Verkaeren

Project Manager

Delinke Demeter

Marketing & Communication Officer 

Nabih Cherradi 

External Advisor

Bryan Ekus

External Advisor

To contact a team member : FirstLetterOfName.LastName@becquerelinstitute.eu