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Our comprehensive knowledge of research funding programs, experience in project management as well as in dissemination and exploitation of innovation make us the perfect partner for your research project.

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Knowledge Transfer

We provide support to innovators willing to transfer know-how and results, at different maturity stages, both within the research or business sectors. 


We help you design sound go-to-market strategies, via our understanding of markets and industry trends, as well as our experience in exploitation activities. 

Business Model & Plan Review

We help you understand how to maximize value generation by challenging your business model or plan and designing new ones.

Dissemination & Communication

We help you design a Dissemination and Communication plan adapted to your project, we help you reach your goals and bring light to your project. 

Proposal Writing

Our team of experts has successfully written multiple proposals for ERA-NET and Horizon2020, and can help you structure or write yours. 

Impact Assessment

Using out-of-the-box thinking, we evaluate economic, environmental and social impacts of renewable energy projects and innovations. 

Find out what we've been working on below.

International Projects
black and silver solar panel

IEA-PVPS Task 1 - Strategic PV Analysis & Outreach

The objective of Task 1 was revised and enhanced in 2013 to better reflect its current role. Task 1 shares a double role of expertise and outreach, which is reflecting in its new name. It aims at promoting and facilitating the exchange and dissemination of information on the technical, economic, environmental and social aspects of PV power systems.

grey concrete building

IEA-PVPS Task 15 - Enabling Framework for the Acceleration of BIPV

The objective of Task 15 is to create an enabling framework to accelerate the penetration of BIPV products in the global market of renewables, resulting in an equal playing field for BIPV products, BAPV products and regular building envelope components, respecting mandatory issues, aesthetic issues, reliability and financial issues.

On-going European Projects

ProLight (2022-2026)

Budget: 3M€

16 partners from 10 different countries. The project studies in 6 districts in Austria, Finland, Italy, Greece, Spain, and Portugal how to combine innovative renovation technologies, new sustainable business models and local citizen participation. 

Our role: We assess the replicability potential of the innovations, perform economic and impact analyses, and support the partners in the exploitation of the results. 


Seamless-PV (2023-2027)

Budget: 16M€

15 partners from 5 different countries. Development of advanced equipment and manufacturing processes for the successful integration of multifunctional PV solutions enabling the deployment of integrated PV sectors (IPV: BIPV, IIPV, VIPV, AgriPV).

Our role: We conduct market analysis, competitive analysis, life cycle analysis (LCA), as well as business model and industry strategy definition. 

IBC4EU logo

IBC4 EU (2022-2025)

Budget: 17M€

17 partners from 10 different countries. Development and demonstration at pilot scale of competitive and sustainble industrial production of PV products based on IBC technology, along the value chain (ingots, wafers, cells, modules). 

Our role: We conduct market analysis, competitiveness analysis, life cycle assessment (LCA), as well as business model and industrial strategy definition.


NEXUS (2022-2025)

Budget: 3.6M€

12 partners from 9 different countries. Development of perovskite-Si tandem PV technologies via a new European global eco-design paradigm based on efficiency, costs, sustainability, circularity and social aspects. 

Our role: We carry out communication, dissemination, exploitation tasks, and participate in cost, life cycle assessment (LCA), business model definition and industrial strategies.


VALHALLA (2023-2026)

Budget: 4M€

12 partners from 8 different countries. Development of perovskite PV cells and modules guided by eco-design principles, focusing on lead-based perovskites. 

Our role: We conduct communication, dissemination, and operational tasks, and participate in full life cycles analyses (LCA), business model definition, and industrial strategies. 


PROMISE (2022-2025)

Budget: 1.5M€

7 partners from 6 different countries. PROMISE aims to create an alliance of photovoltaic excellence through scientific, engineering and research performance within the Maltese research community reliability of existing and emerging module technologies and systems.

Our role: We carry out communication, dissemination and exploitation tasks. 


VIPERLAB (2021-2024)

Budget: 5.5M€

15 partners from 9 different countries. Accelerate the development of perovskite PV in Europe, through collaborations between academics and industry, facilitating access to the best perovksite research facilities in Europe.

Our role: We conduct market and competitiveness analyses of perovskite technologies. 


SERENDI-PV (2020-2024)

Budget: 12M€

19 partners from 7 different countries. Development of advanced modelling, simulation and design tools to improve PV penetration through a better understanding of installed capacity and intelligent digital energy models.

Our role: We conduct market analysis, competitiveness and business model developments tasks, as well as exploitation of the results.

Completed European Projects

BIPV-BOOST (2021-2023)

Budget: 11.5M€

19 partners from 7 different countries. Cost reduction of building integrated PV (BIPV) solutions and processes along the value chain, contributing to a wide implementation of BIPV in (near) zero energy buildings (nZEB).

Our role: We carry out tasks related to market and regulatory analysis as well as the exploitation of the results.

SUPER-PV (2018-2022)

Budget: 11.5M€

26 partners from 11 different countries. Development of superior PV systems (using technologies such as bifacial modules or thin-film CIGS modules) aimed at reducing the LCOE of PV systems. 

Our role: We perform techno-economic analyses that help estimate the impact of SUPER PV results.

R2EC (2019-2022)

Budget: 1.5M€

11 partners from 3 different countries. Development of a scalable system of interactions between decentralized nuclei of local renewable energy production, such as PV systems, storage, electrical heating and mobility solutions.

Our role: We conduct work on user integration and business model development.

PEARL PV (2017-2022)

Budget: 72M€

34 partners from 20 different countries. To improve the performance and reliability of PV systems in Europe through the formation of an inclusive network of research across multiple countries and data used to evaluate and simulate PV systems.

Our role: We ensure coordination between industry and project partners for smooth data collection and dissemination.

PV IMPACT (2019-2022)

Budget: 1M€

11 partners from 5 different countries. Supporting innovation in PV technologies through the development of industrial research and innovation (R&I) projects, fostering robust R&I strategies and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) for PV. 

Our role: We are involved as a technical specialist bridging the gap between research organizations and industry, fostering the emergence of innovative projects.