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Strategy Consulting

Supporting the decision-making process with an analysis of strategic issues for players in the photovoltaic sector and the energy sector in general.

We provide our clients with cutting-edge expertise and levers that can be directly applied at national level, European and global levels, thus directly contributing to their value creation.

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Applied Research

We provide comprehension keys to researchers and industrialists in order to maximize the impact of their innovations.

Articulation between technological, political and economic issues focusing on PV but also on all related sectors that PV supports or feeds (electric mobility, electricity storage, integration of PV in buildings, vehicles, floating PV, agrivoltaics...).

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Support to Organizations

Public or private, active in the PV and renewable energy sector, such as the International Energy Agency's PV program or the International Solar Alliance, various cooperation associations, or industry representatives such as the European Solar Manufacturing Council and the cooperation agencies of various countries.

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Our Mission

Fostering the energy revolution towards a solar-powered sustainable society.

Solar PV offers a unique opportunity to transform the world in which we live: constant cost reductions and technology improvement have brought PV on the brink of absolute competitiveness. We work towards reducing costs and barriers for PV development and ensure PV electricity will drive the energy revolution in buildings, transports and industrial processes. We believe in a societal change where renewable energy could levelize inequalities, improve the quality of life of billions and ensure a sustainable living for future generations. 

Becquerel Institute has been created to support companies and organisations to embrace the energy revolution, by understanding better the advantages of PV development. We also support governments and organisations to accelerate the adoption of renewables.

Our mission consists in paving the way for a 100% sustainable energy future, in Europe and globally. 

Becquerel Institute​

The Becquerel Institute is a privately-owned Belgian company founded in 2014, providing a hybrid service of strategic and technical consultancy as well as non-for-profit research focused on the role of solar PV in the energy revolution. This spans through neighbouring sectors such as the building and transport sectors including battery storage, green hydrogen and more.

Becquerel Institute's international team of researchers and analysts has a wide experience in the PV and energy sectors completed by a network of external consultants. Together, they empower companies as well as public authorities and institutional organisations to embrace and leverage the energy revolution. 

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