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Our experts offer support to your decision-making process and strategic evaluations, spanning from economics to technologies, market and policies. 

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Strategy, Policy & Markets

  • Market analysis and forecast; local and global, by segment
  • Analysis of development conditions, policies and regulations
  • Value chain and competitive positioning analysis 
  • Design of business models and business plans
  • Establishement of industrial development roadmaps
  • Formulation of recommendations and strategic orientations
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Sustainability Assessment & Modelling

  • Study of the competitiveness of solutions (LCOE, LCOS,...)
  • Evaluation of the profitability of projects and business models (NPV, IRR, ...) 
  • Environmental and/or Social Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
  • Benchmarking of local and global PV manufacturing costs
  • Predictive modelling of PV module and system price 
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Technology & Innovation

  • Technology reviews
  • Technology evaluation
  • Comparative analysis of systems and applications 
  • Risk matrix analysis
  • Diffusion and exploitation of innovations

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