Discover the European Solar PV Data Hub

1 January 2023 by
Delinke Demeter

The Becquerel Institute's European Solar PV Data Hub is Now Available!

After months of hard work on this portal, our team is finally ready to present it to you!

The Data Hub is a unique portal gathering recent market and industry data on photovoltaics in Europe. It was created in order to help your organization to have a clear understanding and direct answers to your state-of-the-market questions. The data present on the Hub is updated every 6 months and will help you have a real-time overview of what is happening in Europe. 

Our portal is currently free and will give you access to: 

  • A quarterly update, with a selected summary of main trends and facts in Europe, completed by an analysis by our market and industry experts.
  • An interactive set of graphs to visualize historical market information per country since 2015, with granularity level per quarter.
  • An interactive set of graphs to visualize projected market information per country until 2027, with granularity level per quarter.
  • And more!

Information is presented in the form of interactive graphs, market figures & forecasts, overviews per country and segments as well as comparative European maps, etc.

In order to have a better idea of what our Data Hub looks like, watch our promotional video.

The portal is currently free !

For more information don't hesitate to contact us.