Trends in PV Applications 2022 Report

16 November 2022 by
Delinke Demeter

« In 2022, photovoltaic technology strengthened its position as a key source of affordable, local, and low-carbon energy. In the context of geopolitical tensions and resource scarcity, PV could become a stabilization element, promoting peace through reduced tensions in energy markets while accelerating the economic development across the world »
This outstanding result was analysed in the recently released IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme, ‘Trends in Photovoltaic Applications 2022 report’. Now in its 27th edition, this report is the most comprehensive overview of the PV sector, covering policies, and drivers, market statistics, as well as industry analysis.

This annual PV trends report was written by our director, Gaëtan Masson (Becquerel Institute), and Izumi KAIZUKA (RTS Corporation), task managers of the IEA PVPS group of experts in charge of Strategic PV Analysis and Outreach (Task 1). They were assisted by our colleagues Elina Bosch, Caroline Plaza (Becquerel Institute) and by Johan Lindahl from Becquerel Sweden , alessandra scognamiglio from ENEA, Arnulf Jäger-Waldau from EU-JRC, Eddy Blokken from Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore, and Donoso Jose from UNEF Spanish Solar Association, under the guidance of the Chairman, Daniel Mugnier, and executive secretary, Emily Mitchell of the IEA PVPS program management. This report is based on the data, analysis, and review of the IEA PVPS national experts.

You can read the Report through IEA PVPS's link here.

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