Read our Managing Director France, Caroline Plaza, Article on Agrivoltaics in TECSOL

24 November 2022 by
Delinke Demeter

TECSOL has published an article on its blog written by our Managing Director France, Caroline Plaza. Click on the link below to read it.

The article "Agrivoltaics: beyond the opposition of the challenges, a joint strategy for the use of resources must be established" tackles agrivoltaics and its challenges for the future.

Some of our Director's words on the subject: "the interest of agrivoltaic project developers and governments has increased, in unison with the questions that these installations raise. The implementation of a common strategy for land development must be studied, taking into account the territorial agricultural specificities, and the current and future constraints due to climate change, in a vision of optimization and sobriety of the use of soil, water, and resources to achieve the objectives of both energy and food independence."

Read the whole article here

(Note: this article is in French).